Mining Finder Tool

Mining Finder Tool is used to find the right resources for your finder made for Entropia Universe miners.

Select your finders to see what resources it can claim:

Aakas Alloy

Min: 5m Avg: 1009m Max: 1812m

Aarkan Pellets

Min: 160m Avg: 1005m Max: 1621m

Acid Root

Min: 197m Avg: 718m Max: 1486m

Adomasite Stone

Min: 510m Avg: 815m Max: 1726m

Alferix Stone

Min: 260m Avg: 798m Max: 1347m

Alicenies Liquid

Min: 119m Avg: 872m Max: 1655m

Alkar Crystals

Min: 884m Avg: 962m Max: 1057m

Alternative Rock

Min: 293m Avg: 584m Max: 987m

Angelic Grit

Min: 321m Avg: 788m Max: 1532m

Aqeeq Stone

Min: 856m Avg: 1029m Max: 1145m

Arekite Stone

Min: 692m Avg: 1064m Max: 1422m

Ares Head

Min: 313m Avg: 863m Max: 1575m

Azur Pearls

Min: 4m Avg: 678m Max: 1436m

Azzurdite Stone

Min: 497m Avg: 869m Max: 1614m

Banite Stones

Min: 98m Avg: 804m Max: 1402m

Belkar Stone

Min: 20m Avg: 807m Max: 1732m

Binary Fluid

Min: 639m Avg: 950m Max: 1662m

Bismuth Fragment

Min: 617m Avg: 1020m Max: 1471m

Blausariam Stone

Min: 105m Avg: 771m Max: 1732m

Blood Moss

Min: 727m Avg: 890m Max: 1035m

Blue Crystal

Min: 99m Avg: 710m Max: 1274m

Blue Icy

Min: 108m Avg: 612m Max: 913m

Blues Rock

Min: 681m Avg: 774m Max: 887m

Bodai Dust

Min: 397m Avg: 647m Max: 1271m

Caldorite Stone

Min: 244m Avg: 797m Max: 1763m

Cave Sap

Min: 353m Avg: 788m Max: 1753m


Min: 443m Avg: 1029m Max: 1816m

Clear Crystal

Min: 536m Avg: 536m Max: 536m

Cobalt Stone

Min: 243m Avg: 755m Max: 1566m

Copper Stone

Min: 265m Avg: 669m Max: 1394m

Cordul Stone

Min: 881m Avg: 993m Max: 1235m

Crude Oil

Min: 5m Avg: 797m Max: 1802m

Cumbriz Stone

Min: 101m Avg: 857m Max: 1688m

Cyrenium Ore

Min: 730m Avg: 785m Max: 839m

Dark Lysterium

Min: 5m Avg: 646m Max: 1380m

Devil`s Tail

Min: 377m Avg: 692m Max: 1288m

Diagen Firedrops

Min: 893m Avg: 968m Max: 1044m

Dianthus Liquid

Min: 473m Avg: 945m Max: 1444m

Dianum Ore

Min: 318m Avg: 875m Max: 1208m

Durulium Stone

Min: 302m Avg: 875m Max: 1792m

Edres Resin

Min: 146m Avg: 816m Max: 1564m

Energized Crystal

Min: 510m Avg: 885m Max: 1515m

Erdorium Stone

Min: 266m Avg: 840m Max: 1350m

Erionite Stone

Min: 382m Avg: 1024m Max: 1754m

Fairuz Stone

Min: 727m Avg: 948m Max: 1139m

Ferrum Nuts

Min: 679m Avg: 857m Max: 1036m

Fire Root

Min: 525m Avg: 966m Max: 1395m

Florican Mist

Min: 384m Avg: 1013m Max: 1674m

Folk Rock

Min: 651m Avg: 650m Max: 650m

Force Nexus

Min: 83m Avg: 833m Max: 1504m

Frakite Stone

Min: 474m Avg: 680m Max: 1253m

Frigulite Stone

Min: 340m Avg: 1037m Max: 1791m

Ganganite Stone

Min: 102m Avg: 699m Max: 1514m

Garcen Grease

Min: 93m Avg: 764m Max: 1575m

Gazzurdite Stone

Min: 198m Avg: 717m Max: 1516m


Min: 262m Avg: 536m Max: 1073m

Gold Stone

Min: 598m Avg: 857m Max: 1432m

Gorbek Emulsion

Min: 528m Avg: 971m Max: 1484m

Green Crystal

Min: 105m Avg: 784m Max: 1122m

Growth Molecules

Min: 251m Avg: 746m Max: 1608m

Hard Rock

Min: 810m Avg: 810m Max: 810m

Hazy Crystal

Min: 615m Avg: 731m Max: 846m

Hebredite Stones

Min: 323m Avg: 757m Max: 1570m

Henren Stems

Min: 489m Avg: 756m Max: 1169m

Hexra Gems

Min: 480m Avg: 900m Max: 1319m

Himi Rock

Min: 1188m Avg: 1188m Max: 1188m

Hydrogen Steam

Min: 11m Avg: 712m Max: 1507m

Ignisium Stone

Min: 291m Avg: 777m Max: 1407m

Iolite Stone

Min: 550m Avg: 855m Max: 1504m

Iridium Ore

Min: 792m Avg: 975m Max: 1213m

Iron Stone

Min: 129m Avg: 667m Max: 1474m

Jazz Rock

Min: 478m Avg: 648m Max: 817m

Kaisenite Stone

Min: 692m Avg: 923m Max: 1330m

Kamikaze Cocktail

Min: 858m Avg: 858m Max: 858m

Kanerium Ore

Min: 436m Avg: 701m Max: 949m

Kaz Stones

Min: 5m Avg: 923m Max: 1590m

Khorudoul Extrusion

Min: 300m Avg: 987m Max: 1600m

Khorum Alloy

Min: 610m Avg: 1040m Max: 1500m

Kirtz Stone

Min: 677m Avg: 843m Max: 1116m

Langotz Ore

Min: 672m Avg: 867m Max: 1329m

Lanorium Stone

Min: 288m Avg: 682m Max: 1142m

Lidacon Stones

Min: 118m Avg: 645m Max: 1589m

Long Island

Min: 90m Avg: 718m Max: 1030m

Lotium Fluid

Min: 516m Avg: 897m Max: 1604m

Lulu Stone

Min: 348m Avg: 551m Max: 1203m

Lumis Leach

Min: 430m Avg: 893m Max: 1525m

Lysterium Stone

Min: 5m Avg: 689m Max: 4107m

Lytairian Dust

Min: 166m Avg: 737m Max: 1469m

Maganite Ore

Min: 613m Avg: 924m Max: 1286m

Magerian Mist

Min: 224m Avg: 726m Max: 1461m

Maladrite Stone

Min: 537m Avg: 775m Max: 929m


Min: 289m Avg: 547m Max: 1005m

Maro Stone

Min: 212m Avg: 547m Max: 1142m

Megan Stone

Min: 374m Avg: 896m Max: 1477m

Melatinum Stone

Min: 280m Avg: 682m Max: 1451m

Melchi Water

Min: 5m Avg: 671m Max: 1511m


Min: mining_loot_minm Avg: mining_loot_avgm Max: mining_loot_maxm

Narcanisum Stone

Min: 95m Avg: 779m Max: 1595m

Nawa Drops

Min: 132m Avg: 531m Max: 1193m

Niksarium Stone

Min: 262m Avg: 798m Max: 1580m

Nirvana Cocktail

Min: 782m Avg: 782m Max: 782m

Nosifer Stone

Min: 855m Avg: 855m Max: 855m

Olerin Stone

Min: 740m Avg: 903m Max: 1120m

Orange Crystal

Min: 484m Avg: 813m Max: 1004m

Ospra Stones

Min: 25m Avg: 898m Max: 1505m

p.Brass Alloy

Min: 690m Avg: 1051m Max: 1495m

p.Bronze Alloy

Min: 585m Avg: 1008m Max: 1500m

p.Flint Arrow

Min: 831m Avg: 1081m Max: 1534m

p.Flint Axe

Min: 296m Avg: 991m Max: 1541m

p.Fly Amber

Min: 694m Avg: 1036m Max: 1483m

p.Fossil Ammonite

Min: 158m Avg: 1004m Max: 1594m

p.Fossil Tooth

Min: 5m Avg: 901m Max: 1332m

p.Mosquito Amber

Min: 748m Avg: 1064m Max: 1492m

Pel Crystals

Min: 496m Avg: 929m Max: 1431m


Min: 216m Avg: 655m Max: 1101m

Pina Colada

Min: 404m Avg: 796m Max: 1077m

Pirrel Pallets

Min: 857m Avg: 1071m Max: 1542m

Platinum Stone

Min: 668m Avg: 968m Max: 1611m


Min: 242m Avg: 662m Max: 1099m

Purple Crystal

Min: 706m Avg: 853m Max: 1000m

Pyrite Stone

Min: 487m Avg: 775m Max: 1209m

Qasdeer Stone

Min: 481m Avg: 624m Max: 814m

Qaz Worm

Min: 230m Avg: 536m Max: 1139m

Quantium Stone

Min: 278m Avg: 571m Max: 1170m

Quenta Flux

Min: 877m Avg: 990m Max: 1128m

Quil Sap

Min: 426m Avg: 926m Max: 1418m

Rainbow Crystal

Min: 724m Avg: 807m Max: 890m

Red Molten

Min: 907m Avg: 907m Max: 907m

Redulite Ore

Min: 870m Avg: 1033m Max: 1406m

Regula Lode

Min: 771m Avg: 1170m Max: 1407m

Rugaritz Ore

Min: 1133m Avg: 1133m Max: 1133m


Min: 254m Avg: 516m Max: 1012m

Solis Beans

Min: 303m Avg: 782m Max: 1527m

Somin Tar

Min: 55m Avg: 756m Max: 1337m

Songkra Alloy

Min: 599m Avg: 1075m Max: 1741m

Songtil Agent

Min: 58m Avg: 960m Max: 1629m

Sorensen`s Stone

Min: 75m Avg: 625m Max: 973m

Sothorite Ore

Min: 853m Avg: 872m Max: 896m

Star Particles

Min: 137m Avg: 698m Max: 1620m

Starrix Nodes

Min: 746m Avg: 1098m Max: 1537m

Sunburst Stone

Min: 386m Avg: 544m Max: 943m


Min: 112m Avg: 781m Max: 1352m

Tananite Ore

Min: 703m Avg: 703m Max: 703m

Techno Rock

Min: 851m Avg: 865m Max: 890m

Telfium Stones

Min: 167m Avg: 876m Max: 1645m

Terrudite Stone

Min: 619m Avg: 892m Max: 1518m

Tridenite Ore

Min: 701m Avg: 866m Max: 1047m

Typonolic Steam

Min: 113m Avg: 817m Max: 1451m

Valurite Stone

Min: 717m Avg: 919m Max: 1291m

Veda Stones

Min: 115m Avg: 874m Max: 1475m

Vedacore Fibre

Min: 267m Avg: 1041m Max: 1648m

Vegatation Spores

Min: 805m Avg: 855m Max: 904m

Vesperdite Ore

Min: 813m Avg: 973m Max: 1298m

Vorn Pellets

Min: 199m Avg: 956m Max: 1599m

Wenrex Stones

Min: 176m Avg: 708m Max: 1184m

Whiskey Sour

Min: 299m Avg: 776m Max: 944m

Xelo Haze

Min: 398m Avg: 941m Max: 1461m

Xeremite Ore

Min: 715m Avg: 910m Max: 1268m

Yashib Stone

Min: 218m Avg: 520m Max: 1108m

Ycyan Ore

Min: 683m Avg: 807m Max: 951m

Yellow Crystal

Min: 5m Avg: 785m Max: 1094m


Min: 263m Avg: 521m Max: 1145m

Yulerium Stones

Min: 337m Avg: 884m Max: 1576m

Zanderium Ore

Min: 808m Avg: 881m Max: 953m

Zinc Stone

Min: 121m Avg: 673m Max: 1617m

Zircon Stone

Min: 274m Avg: 530m Max: 1130m

Zoldenite Dust

Min: 477m Avg: 684m Max: 815m

Zolphic Oil

Min: 5m Avg: 875m Max: 1602m

Zorn Star

Min: 577m Avg: 959m Max: 8441m

Zulax Stones

Min: 490m Avg: 1005m Max: 1670m
Source: Little Big Mining Log - Digital Envision